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Vattana Thach

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Who I Am

I am someone who believes everyone is good enough. Through practicing self-love, I have found myself being able to accept people for who they are because I have fully accepted myself. I don't judge myself, therefore I do not judge others.

I am imperfect, but that's what keeps me going. I dream big and I fail a lot. My successes serve as stepping stones to the next chapter. I regret absolutely nothing in my life.

The law of attraction
The law of manifestation
The law of emergence
are my code.

"Why" is my favorite question.


I see life as a game and I choose to play using empathy, patience, honesty, and self-awareness. I choose to be vulnerable with people because that is how strong bridges are built.

I love listening to people's stories. I'm obsessed with bringing value to people's lives. For work, I transform people's lives through personal life coaching, teaching dance, hosting events/ hangouts/ get-togethers, and digital content creation.


With continuous practice to develop my self-awareness, different perspectives have continued to enter my reality. Perspective has shown me that there is no right or wrong. Everything in life just is.

Understanding this truth has granted me internal peace and freedom. On my journey, I learned that the biggest illusion of this world is that we see everything as separate.

When in actuality we are all one; all parts of the same whole. If I can help people become self-aware, self-loving, and empathetic then they will learn how to overcome and more importantly, not be consumed by their own struggles.

They will learn how to trade their time with people who need it. I feel that we have a responsibility to each other.

For those who were dealt a bad hand and have the odds really stacked against them. For those who stare at death every day, I see you, I hear you, and I feel you.

I do not take my life for granted. My trials and tribulations are not in vain. I hope I can inspire you to not give up. One day I want to be able to give you whatever resources you need so you have a chance to thrive and prosper.

No one deserves to suffer the way that you do. My "why" is why I wake up every morning, you are my "why". You have my love. One love.


Affirmation Texts



Digital Branding, Marketing, & Sales Funnel

Empowerment Workshops - "Soul Sessions"

Transformational Coaching


I have been dancing, choreographing, directing and teaching for a decade.

I specialize in sharing the building blocks of what makes a strong human and dancer. Because of my love for anthropology and holistic health I understand the importance of mind and body connection.

I grew up being influenced by Hip Hop & the modern mixed choreography scene. I am always a student and have plenty to learn. I am currently on a journey to study the origins of Hip Hop History.

Looking to work with me?
I offer:
WorkshopsDance PerformancesPrivate Dance LessonsChoreography for creative projects
I currently represent:
Strive For Change (Founder)Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat (Founder)InnerMission (Founder)Expressive Movement (E-Board)
I have taught for:
5-6-7-8 Dance Studio
Center For Performing Arts
Dance Expressions
Eloquence Dance Centre
KS Gotta Dance
Mill Advised
Planet Dance & Fitness
United Teen Equality Center
Umass HHCO
UMass Lowell Protohype

Let's Get Physical
If you'd like to work with me, tap the button below. I love sharing my knowledge and artistry with people.

Branding, Marketing & Sales

My passion for business
I've always dreamed of working for myself because I think the world can be a kinder and more accepting place. There is a shift happening in work culture and I am a part of that shift.

What drew me in about marketing is WHY do people feel the need to spend money on the things they do. That played a part in me finding a passion for holistic health, anthropology, and psychology. All marketing is, is understanding the human brain and how can someone use that knowledge to their advantage to then sell an idea or product to another human being.

My Ethics
We've seen how marketing can do good and not so good things. I believe in honesty and truly helping people in a way where they don't become emotionally dependent on a product or service and if they do they at least have the self-awareness to see that they are indeed dependent on a product.

Having that awareness gives them a chance to see that they have a choice and that this product or service is not a NEED. A majority of the time, products being marketed to us are not needs but just wants that stands behind excellent marketing to tug on our heartstrings.

Who I want to work with
People who truly have something of value to bring to the table that can sustainably enhance someone's life. Not have them just create more waste or further deteriorate their health or take away time with their loved ones, or time away from their dreams or goals.

Brand voice is something pretty simple and straight forward that I help creators, CEOs and future CEOs develop. This is at the core of your business because you need to not only stand out, you want to feel good about how you project your brand to the world.

Content is king. Without it, you will have a hard time staying relevant in the digital landscape. I help individuals decide on what style of content suits them and what mediums they are comfortable being on.

Sales Funnel
I'm surprised a lot of companies and individuals don't have this. You're still able to find some level of success without it, but when you have a funnel it not only makes your life much easier, but you give WAY MORE to your potential customers.

Today I do three things that I love full time and that is, teaching dance, listening to people's stories while helping them transform into someone they can be happy and proud of. I create content regularly because It's really fun for me and is part of my personal sales funnel.

Let's make it happen
If you're interested in developing a side hustle, growing your business, or turning your dreams into a reality. I can start you off with all the standard information you need to know. If you want an ongoing relationship to help you get everything up and running until you're confident you can book me for weekly/ monthly meetings.

If you'd like to book me for FREE you can tap the button below. However, my Patrons get priority when it comes to bookings. I try my best to make room for monthly patrons, friends, family, and clients.

Soul Sessions

Self-Development Workshop

The overall goal of this series is to help people cultivate a better mindset so they can live more fulfilling lives.

How do I do that? I ask the class questions. Then I share information, have them do bonding exercises, self-reflection exercises, visualization exercises, Q&As, storytelling, motivational talks and giving actionable steps they can take home.

What makes this experience unique is that the environment is designed to help people be more vulnerable and open to being challenged and engage in conversations they may not normally have with anyone in their life.

The Background Story
Most of my experience running workshops comes from managing, leading and directing a dance company for a decade. I've taught classes professionally for well over 7 years now.

Within this space, I was able to learn about different personality types and understand how to better communicate with people. When someone didn't understand what was being demonstrated I would seek to understand then.

I started to understand that bodily, mental and emotional limitations that have been created outside of a dance class affected one's performance in class.

In recent years I began developing exercises and sharing information with students to further improve their performance in class and enhance the quality of their lives both inside and outside of class.

Let's Work Together

If you'd like me to bring this experience to you, tap the button below. I absolutely love facilitating these workshops.


Transformational Coaching
Over the years I have developed a strong interest in human behavior and have always wondered what it actually took to reach our potential.

Naturally, my interest and curiosity for human potential lead me to want to learn how to optimize the performance of other humans and enhance the quality of the lives I have the privilege to touch.

What does transformational coaching with me consist of?
AccountabilityBasic Financial GuidanceBasic Nutrition GuidanceCareer tips to increase financial statusDigital Branding/ Marketing GuidanceEncouragementInterpersonal IntelligenceIntrapersonal IntelligenceIncrease Risk-ToleranceInsecurity TransformationMultiple Streams of Income / Side HustleSelf-Esteem DevelopmentSelf-Awareness Development
Additional Benefits
Join a community of individuals that are also being coached or have been coached by me.Exclusive, personal development & bonding hangouts with the community of people I have coached.
My style of coaching is very comfortable and personable. Every person is different, so my approach to each person I work with is unique. My ultimate goal at the very least with members of this community is to instill a strong level of self-awareness. If I can at least do that for someone, I know that they'll be okay.

In the near future, I intend to get a certification here so I can better serve my community.

Say Hello!
If you are at all interested in working with me or joining this community. Message me, talk to me, tap the link below to see if we can set up a time to meet, free of charge.



Simple Ways To Help
I love the environment & I have found ways to help you help us. Below I have compiled a list of websites, organizations, businesses, charities, and products that are environmentally friendly.

No business or solution is perfect. It's about progress not perfection.

Wholesome Food Stores

Thrift, Sell & Trade

Sustainable Products

Reduce, Reuse, Restore & Recycle

Protect Our Home

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I truly believe that there is strength in vulnerability. I aim to be a safe space for people so they can express themselves without the fear of judgment.

The type of bonds I form with inividuals is truly remarkable. I am very intimiately involved and connected to people's personal lives. There are no limits to what people have been able to share with me.

I cultivate & strengthen these bonds every day both on & offline. The reason I started this series is because I want to reach more people & show them that being vulnerable & talking about our truth shouldn't be taboo or impossible.

An addition to being someone that people can confide in, I love bringing people together where everyone can be themselves & not be afraid to share all of who they are.

Having a love for connecting with people I naturally learned that I am into anthropology. On top of connecting, I also love seeing people thrive. So I've taken up studying holistic health; nutrition, mental health, sleep, exercise, spirit.

I just want to see people living healthy, fulfilled lives. I do my best every day to learn so I can pass on information & continue to be that friend/ mentor/ brother to anyone who needs me.

Book A Free Session With Me

Once you request a booking & are approved, you will receive an email along with a text confirming your booking. It's very important that you check the confirmation email for the next few steps you have to take in order for us to have a successful stream.

NOTE - I just want to make sure you understand that this session will be streamed publicly and people can pop in & out of the Livestream and leave comments at any time.

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Dumpling Diaries is slowly becoming available on more platforms with each passing day.

Trust The Process is switching hosts so that will take some time and has been a bit of a challenge for me. It is available to listen to in some places but not all.

Real Talks will also be switching hosts but I faced a really big challenge where the quality wasn't high enough to be streamed on iTunes so that was really discouraging. I'm gonna have to reformat & re-upload all the episodes just to meet Apple standards T-T

Trust The Process



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